Our journey has been firmly anchored in supporting educational institutions, industry collaborators, and retail clients, with a particular focus on advancing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education. The foundation of our venture was laid with PicoTurbine, an initiative by our founder that made a significant mark in the Technology Education sector over a decade.This initial endeavor evolved into PicoSolutions, reflecting our commitment to not only continue our support in the educational realmbut also to start manufacturing our products locally, in line with our aspirations.

Transitioning to local production of our educational tools and resources was a challenging endeavor, yet it is one in which we have achieved remarkable success. This mastery in local manufacturing has not only solidified our standing in the educational sector but has also allowed us to assist our clients in producing their consumer products within local communities. Although education remains our primary focus, this strategic expansion has significantly enhanced our operational capabilities, positioning us as a more versatile and dynamic entity.

Emerging from this strategic evolution is our central mission: Design, Entrepreneurship, & STEM Skills (DESS). DESS embodies our commitment to empower students by fostering creativity, igniting the entrepreneurial spirit, and cultivating world-class problem-solving abilities. We extend an invitation for you to be part of this exciting journey, joining us in our mission to shape the innovators and leaders of tomorrow.

 A Journey Through Time

At the heart of our organization lies a rich tapestry of innovation, collaboration, and dedication, It's a narrative marked by humble beginnings, visionary leadership, and an unwavering commitment to excellence that has propelled us from our inception to the forefront of our industry.




K12 STEM Programs & Learning Center




Product Design & Local Manufacturing Innovation Center built


Design Internship Competition around 3D Printing & Design (DFAM) 

2023 - 24

Design Entrepreneurship, & STEM Skills Pedagogy Piloted and Courses launched for Students


Ready School 
Support Program 




Founder / CXO

Michael Burghoffer

Founder and CXO of PicoSolutions, is an entrepreneur at heart, championing proactivity, innovation, customer focus, and optimism—values collectively known as PICO. His mission is to redefine engagement with STEM, pushing beyond traditional boundaries to instill an entrepreneurial spirit in others. Under Michael's guidance, PicoSolutions has revolutionized the production of educational and consumer products, cutting costs significantly while demonstrating the efficiency of additive manufacturing. As a result our educational program known as DESS (Design, Entrepreneurship, & STEM Skills) was born to provide K12 students with the skills to pave their path forward in life empowering them to become world class problem solvers.

Michael is driven by a vision where personal and collective success are intertwined. By fostering a community of like-minded individuals, he aims to unlock their limitless potential, advocating for a world where innovation leads to a path for success. Join him in shaping a future where entrepreneurial achievements are within everyone's reach.
Founder / CEO

Ziqian Zho

Ziqian Zhou, with a master's degree from Ohio State University is our Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of PicoSolutions, stands as a key figure in guiding the company's strategic direction with her husband, Michael as they have run countless ventures together. Her deep understanding of finance and the entrepreneurial landscape makes her an essential part of the team. Her focus on sustainability and innovation shapes PicoSolutions' financial strategies, ensuring the company leads in profitability and ethical business practices. Ziqian's vision for the company emphasizes long-term growth and the support of its entrepreneurial community.
As an advocate for financial literacy, Deisgn thinking, and entrepreneurial education, Ziqian is committed to empowering others with essential skills. Her involvement in educational initiatives showcases her dedication to creating a more inclusive and innovative future for entrepreneurs worldwide
Head Of Design & Manufacturing

Sharan Naik

Sharan Naik is an additive manufacturing enthusiast with a master's degree from Stevens Institute of Technology. Originally from India, Sharan moved to the USA five years ago, driven by a passion for designing machines and a curiosity to understand the mechanics behind how things work.
His academic background and professional interests lie in the realm of mechanical engineering, where he excels at applying theoretical knowledge to practical challenges. Sharan's journey from India to the USA underscores his commitment to pursuing excellence in his field, embodying a blend of technical expertise and a global perspective. His love for design not only defines his career path but also reflects his dedication to innovation and continuous learning.
Creative Lead / Marketing

Fritz Milk Caderma

Fritz on creative side Hailing from the Philippines with a degree in Information system and certifications that span across marketing, social media management, project management, and visual graphic design Fritz is passionate about leveraging technology to enhance privacy and infuse creativity into digital marketing strategies.
At the heart of Fritz's work is a love for design, which perfectly aligns with PicoSolutions' mission of "Materializing Imaginations, Fritz's journey at PicoSolutions is marked by a dynamic blend of technical skill and creative vision. Fritz is deeply committed to ethical practices within the tech industry, advocating for the responsible use of data and technology to protect individual privacy.