Welcome to PicoSolutions, the leading provider of innovative educational solutions since 2019, evolving from PicoTurbine. Specializing in 3D printing technology, we offer an expansive catalog of educational units that merge Design, Entrepreneurship, and STEM Skills (DESS) into a comprehensive learning model. Our unique DESS approach goes beyond the conventional STEM curriculum, seamlessly incorporating additive manufacturing to cultivate a collaborative, skill-enhanced learning environment.

Our resources, meticulously crafted for both educators and students, encompass DESS-centric lesson plans, interactive activities, and practical applications. These materials are designed to offer a holistic and immersive educational experience, making PicoSolutions a pioneer in hands-on, interactive learning. We are dedicated to equipping the educational community with advanced tools and support, fostering a deep-rooted passion for STEM and driving the development of future innovators.

Join the movement at PicoSolutions to transform the educational landscape. Our DESS-integrated resources are poised to inspire the next wave of leaders. Discover how PicoSolutions is bridging innovation and education, preparing today's learners to become the innovators of tomorrow.