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PicoBots Standard Kit

PicoBots Standard Kit

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PicoBots are small, 3D-printed animal-like robots designed for classrooms. They move and spin on flat surfaces using a vibrating motor inserted into the animal bodies, with bristle legs that transfer the vibrations. Each kit has enough materials for 25 PicoBots.They're great for teaching basic engineering, motors, circuits, and physics, including balance principles. You can change how they move by adjusting the pipe cleaners' position. Easy to build, taking 3 to 10 minutes, they are suitable for ages 5 and up.

Upgrade to include a special Design Entrepreneurship and STEM Skills (DESS) course, with extra support. This course combines design, entrepreneurship, and STEM education to boost creativity and innovation. It's designed to develop top-notch problem-solving skills, preparing students for a tech-focused future and enabling them to tackle complex challenges effectively.

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