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Our all-inclusive club encompasses design, entrepreneurship, and STEM skills.


This membership is Online and you receive a new STEM kit every 3 months, access to the student-driven curriculum in Google Classroom, unlimited message support, and shipping included. Upgrade to Premium for live 1-hour support classes 1 time a week on Mondays or Thursdays at 7:30EST. Cancel or downgrade anytime!

NOTE: If you are a Premium member and have at least 2 friends enrolled you can request your class time slot! 

Unlock boundless learning and innovation with our program. Immerse yourself in a world of creativity and knowledge through classes, meticulously designed to inspire and challenge you each week.

Fuel your passion for learning with our diverse STEM kits, including Robotics, Wind Turbines, Solar Cars, and captivating Design Challenges. Our globally recognized courses have empowered thousands of teachers and hundreds of thousands of students worldwide, paving the way for limitless innovation and success.

Embark on a transformative journey through our Design, Entrepreneurship, STEM Skills (DESS) courses. Immerse yourself in a unique fusion of design, entrepreneurship, and STEM education meticulously crafted to unleash your creativity and propel you toward success. Develop invaluable problem-solving skills and adaptability crucial for thriving in our rapidly evolving, technology-driven world. Join us at DESS and unlock your potential to tackle the challenges of tomorrow with confidence and ingenuity.

How our membership works

We meticulously designed our course to offer young learners an exceptional educational experience in Design, Entrepreneurship, and STEM skills. 
These are subject to terms and conditions. Visit our POLICY PAGE for more details.


In the plan, access a comprehensive curriculum in Design, Entrepreneurship, and STEM Skills.


After enrollment, you'll receive Google Classroom  access to a variety of educational resources and interactive lessons.


Engage in creating your products!

Understanding Our Program Dynamics


Participate in real-world projects. 


Benefit from resources and educator assistance.


Access our resources and guidance anytime. 


Opportunity to join the exclusive student communities


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