Materializing Imaginations Program 

Let’s bring YOUR idea to LIFE! Our Materializing Imaginations Program turns your concepts into reality for as low as $150

Have an idea that's been lingering in your mind? A concept you wish you could hold in your hands? Or perhaps a problem that needs a tangible solution? Look no further – PicoSolutions presents the Materializing Imaginations Program, a place where your ideas leap off the page and into the physical world.

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Designers & Engineering Team

 We're a group of experts in manufacturing, design, and engineering, using the best software and tools to transform ideas into reality. From refining designs to crafting new ones, we excel in enhancing products for 3D printing.

We ensure our designs are efficient, cost-effective, and market-ready. Our focus is on optimizing designs for better efficiency, lower production costs, and superior user experiences. Whether you're in the idea stage or need help with your design layout, we're here to support you every step of the way, guaranteeing your product stands out in quality and innovation.

30 Min Consultation

Book a call with us

Brainstorm Prototype

Work with us to make a prototype


Test the item to see if it meets expctations

Product Delivery

Final Product production and delivery