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The Materializing Imaginations Program

At PicoSolutions!

Have an idea that's been lingering in your mind? A concept you wish you could hold in your hands? Or perhaps a problem that needs a tangible solution? Look no further –

PicoSolutions presents the Materializing Imaginations Program, a place where your ideas leap off the page and into the physical world.

About Us

In 2012-13, our founder began using a 3D printer to prototype our educational wind turbines and initially produced them abroad. By 2019, he decided to move production closer to home, embarking on a journey to redesign and localize our manufacturing processes.
After years of dedicated work, we have become experts in both design and local manufacturing. We are now excited to share our expertise and processes to help others bring their creative visions to life. 

Customer Success Stories! 

Ildiko approached us with the desire to add an elegant wine storage solution to her kitchen, but she faced a challenge with limited space. She couldn't accommodate a full-sized wine rack, so she tasked us with creating a compact design that could hold 2-4 bottles of wine. After a collaborative process of sketching and refining designs in Fusion360, we crafted a piece that perfectly met her needs and aesthetic preferences. We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to bring Ildiko's vision to life. Thank you, Ildiko, for trusting us to materialize your imagination!

What We Offer

Personalized Collaboration
Work side-by-side with our team of skilled designers and engineers who will bring your vision to life.
Cutting-Edge Technology
From 3D printing to state-of-the-art fabrication, we use the latest technology to ensure your ideas are realized with precision and quality.
Solution-Oriented Approach
We’re not just about creating objects، we’re about crafting solutions. Bring us a challenge, and we'll work together to solve it.

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