PicoPreneurs BOOT CAMP

Empowering Young Entrepreneurs with skills that will change their lives!

With our 25 Hour Student Boot Camp let us light your path forward!


In our boot camp, receive a step-by-step guide from conceptualizing a product idea to launching it into the marketplace. Utilizing our proprietary methods, we'll illustrate how to bypass overseas manufacturing, guaranteeing efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Post-boot camp, our support extends through the PicoPreneurs exclusive club, ensuring ongoing guidance and assistance for your entrepreneurial journey.

Our Program

Stand Apart with Us

Exclusive Industry Access

 Connect with leaders and innovators, opening doors to unique opportunities and insights that propel your future.

Cutting-Edge Tools

 Get hands-on with the future's technology. From 3D printers to AI design tools, you're equipped to lead tomorrow's innovations today.

Real-World Experience

Move from theory to action through live projects. Collaborate, create, and see your ideas come to life, gaining confidence and practical skills for the real world.

Breakthrough Boot Camp

Our programs are designed to inspire and educate in the fields of design, entrepreneurship, and STEM.
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Exclusive Club Access 

Beyond the Boot Camp

As a member of the PicoPreneurs Club, your journey continues with ongoing webinars from experts in their fields, endless networking opportunities, and resources to refine your skills and expand your product line offering in your very own collection you launch at the end of the boot camp to list your product designs. As we grow this program you will be able to witness our success stories of current club members who have turned their visions into reality.

Benefits and Opportunities

Experience unparalleled mentorship from our team and partners, boasting backgrounds in design, entrepreneurship, and engineering. We'll accompany you every step of the journey, from conceptualizing products to launching them into the market successfully. Through our proprietary methods, we'll demonstrate how to bypass overseas manufacturing, ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness. With your personalized PicoPreneurs Collection, we'll empower you to operate a hands-off business, focusing solely on marketing and product innovation. Additionally, we'll introduce you to cutting-edge AI tools, revolutionizing your approach to innovation and optimizing various aspects of your life. 
  • A personal 3D printer to bring your designs to life

  • Direct mentorship from leaders in Design, Entrepreneurship, and STEM

  • Your first product showcase in your very own PicoPreneurs Collection

  • Continuous growth with exclusive webinars and resources


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