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PicoSTEM Robotics & Electronics Standard Complete Makerspace-Creality

PicoSTEM Robotics & Electronics Standard Complete Makerspace-Creality

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The Robotics & Electronics course is designed to support students as they create a prosthetic device for the arm or hand. Students will learn how robotics & bionics in particular is changing the world of prosthetics. To understand how to do this, students will build a prosthetic hand and code it to make it functional.

Students will learn about the anatomy and physiology of the human hand and will then learn about coding and 3D printing using TinkerCad Circuits and TinkerCAD or similar programs to allow students to create designed prosthetic devices. Through this course, students better understand how engineering and design support human needs, helping people around the world.

Each solution comes with Kits, Virtual Teacher Mentoring(VTM) hours from bundle up, Hardware, and consumables. 

  • All come with an open-source curriculum.
  • Kit: No VTM Hours included - See PicoSTEM Makerspaces
  • Bundle: VTM Hours included-  See PicoSTEM Makerspaces
  • Classroom: Ender 3 V2, 4 hours of VTM, & 6 Robotics & Electronic Kits
  • Complete System: Ender 5 Pro, 8 hours of VTM, & 25 Robotics & Electronic Kits


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